Southwestern Dinnerware

Southwestern dinnerware is commonly used here in the southwest part of the United States. The southwestern style of décor is very popular and there is a galore of dinnerware selections although the style might differ from region to region depending on heritage.

Here in New Mexico, pottery dinnerware is a loved item along with patterns inspired by Spanish, Mexican and Native American culture. Among these are Mexican dinnerware and chili pepper dinnerware.

A lot of people in this area are artists who engage in creating hand-made and hand-painted pottery and dinnerware. The most unique dinnerware sets can often be found at an arts and crafts show or at an artists' gallery. Dinnerware manufacturers do try to create true southwestern dinnerware, which can fit into the décor, but really it doesn't compare to hand-made items.

Do You Have Some Hand-Made Pottery or Southwestern Dinnerware?

If you have some photos of hand-made pottery or dinnerware sets from the southwest, please share them with us so that readers can understand what I'm talking about. Eventually I will gather some up and post them, but in the meantime I'm depending on you!

Here are some of the southwest patterns that I have found…

Southwest-Style Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware

Dinnerware Set, 32 pc.

Dinnerware Set, 32 pc.

Sedona weaves together deep, hand-painted blues and reds in bold stripes and artistic geometric patterns inspired by fabrics and wall hangings from the American Southwest. 32 piece service for eight, includes (8) each: 11 3/4" dia. dinner plate, 9" dia. salad plate, 24 oz. soup/cereal bowl & 18 oz. mug. Microwave & dishwasher safe.

Square Dinnerware Set, 16 Pc.

Square Dinnerware Set, 16 Pc.

Sedona weaves together deep, hand-painted blues and reds in bold stripes and artistic geometric patterns inspired by fabrics and wall hangings from the American Southwest. Refresh your table setting with square dinnerware! This square set is a nice departure from conventional round dinnerware, or you can mix and match the two. The square pieces have rounded corners, so the two different shapes actually complement each other. So be hip and set a square table. Square dinnerware set includes (4) each: 9 3/4" square dinner plate, 8" square salad plate, 16 oz. square bowl and 18 oz. coffee mug. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Dinnerware Set, 48 pc.

Dinnerware Set, 48 pc.

Rio features a relaxed yet ordered arrangement of blue bands, from wide to pinstripe. As its name suggests, Rio evokes the spirit of the artisans and craftsmen of the Southwest. 48 piece service for twelve. Each place setting includes a 11 inch dinner plate, 8-1/2 inch salad plate, 24 ounce soup/cereal bowl and 14 ounce mug. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Dinnerware from Mara Stoneware Collection

Mara Stoneware Collections features a nice 4 piece place setting that is hand finished. This pattern seems to have a Native American influence based on my observations when living near the reservation in Northern New Mexico. The patterns features bears, geckos, the sun and paw prints.

Mugs are available to match the set if you need some extras, and some of the pieces can be purchased in open stock.

Pottery Dinnerware Sets

Always Azul Pottery puts out a few southwest-style dinnerware sets. This Azulscape Pottery Dinnerware 4 piece place setting is more like my vision of southwestern dinnerware.
This Bear on Seamist Pottery Dinnerware setting fits the bill for southwestern kitchen. A similar dinnerware set is the Dragonfly Seamist Pottery Dinnerware pattern. I've never seen dragonflies in pottery creations, but it does look southwest.

Chili Pepper Dinnerware

Nothing says "southwest" better that a good ole chili pepper.
This Caleca Chili Peppers Dinnerware Set can fit the theme if you choose that style of decorating.