Sango Dinnerware

Sango Dinnerware - Pristine Sapphire

If you are looking for casual dinnerware sets, Sango dinnerware is worth looking into. Many of their stoneware dinnerware sets are two-tone or blended complementary colors. They are practical, but classy. They also make canisters, hostess and completer sets that match their dinnerware. The dinnerware is distributed by Sango America, Inc.

Their patterns are pretty unique. I particularly like the Gold Dust Sienna pattern. Here are some of their most popular dinnerware patterns:

Sango Dinnerware - Gold Dust Sienna
  • Nova Black
  • Nova Brown
  • Nova Blue
  • Concepts Avocado
  • Concepts Cocoa
  • Concepts Eggplant
  • Encore
  • Gold Dust Black
  • Gold Dust Sienna
  • Gold Dust Green
  • Splash Brown

If you prefer a square dinnerware set, you can find them in the Sango line. Here are some of their square patterns:

Sango Dinnerware - Avanti Black
  • Avanti Black
  • Avanti Brown
  • Fusion Brown
  • Pristine Charcoal
  • Pristine Mocha
  • Pristine Sapphire

Their "Contrast" patterns are quite original. The plates are square, but the center of the plate is rounded. They include:

  • Contrast Charcoal
  • Contrast Brown

I really like the choice of colors. They are somewhat neutral which makes it easy to fit them into the d├ęcor of a kitchen.

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