Restaurant Tableware

Restaurant tableware can be expensive, and replacing it from time to time can become burdensome to a business or a non-profit entity. Previously, I was a manager in the hospitality industry and later of senior citizens program that operated three senior centers. Some of the worst news that a manager can get is "we need more dinnerware, glasses or silverware".

Basically, there are two strategies that you can use to reduce the cost of restaurant ware. They are:

  1. Buy cheap and expect replacement costs.
  2. Buy high-quality and educate your staff to take care of the restaurant dishes.

Neither of these options is attractive; however, business is business.

Here are some tips for saving costs on restaurant dinnerware :

  • Look for Discounts

    Sometimes it is beneficial to buy in bulk. Look for distributors who will give discounts for bulk orders. You are going to need the dishes anyway and it may pay to stock up.

  • Shop Around

    Comparing prices is always a good idea. If you go out to bid for restaurant tableware, chances are you will get a better price. If distributors know that their estimates are being compared to competitors, they are more likely to cut you a good deal.

  • Look for Good Quality Without Compromising Your Vision

    By all means, polycarbonate dinnerware will last longer than porcelain or fine china. However, if it is your intention to become a five-star restaurant, unbreakable dinnerware might not be a viable option. Choose the best quality restaurant dinnerware that you can that fits into your long term goals.

  • Hold Your Staff to a High Standard

    In the restaurant industry, dishes are going to break. That is totally understandable. However, sometimes staff becomes negligent with dishes. They drop them into the dish carts or in sinks, carelessly empty plates and throw silverware away, and so forth. Disgruntled employees are the worst. Team building is a worthwhile effort as is reward programs. If you set high standards for employees and support them 100%, your investments will simply last longer and the team spirit will be visible in the quality of customer service.

There are many challenges to face in the restaurant industry. Good management and leadership skills can lead you to the path of success.