Mikasa Italian Countryside Dinnerware

Mikasa Italian Countryside dinnerware is classical everyday dinnerware that you will just love. It is perfect for casual dining, but it can be easily dressed up for fine dining experiences. The dinnerware pattern is simple, but elegant, and it is a favorite of hostesses everywhere.

Mikasa Itailian Countryside Dinnerware Set w/ Serving Accessories

The stoneware dinnerware sets are white with fluted bands and column-like detail. The pattern is very stylish, but practical as well. The dishes are dishwasher and microwave safe dinnerware, which makes it an ideal choice for everyday use. The dinnerware sets are available with different pieces so that you can choose your preference.

Dinnerware Set #1 Dinnerware Set #2

This pattern is also available in square tableware making it possible to create a unique dinnerware set to fit your preferences.

Square Dinnerware Set - Mikasa Italian Countryside
Square Tableware

The popularity of this best selling pattern makes it a prime pattern for Mikasa to produce complementary accessories to accompany the dinnerware. This alone creates a high-in-demand pattern. Dinner hosts love dinnerware with matching serving dishes and serving accessories. It makes a table setting look speculator.

I've posted just a few accessories that complement this pattern to give an idea of what is available. There are tons of options including holiday accessories that are perfect for making a Christmas dinnerware set out of your everyday dishes.

Feel free to see the enormous array of accessories that are available in this pattern.

Italian Countryside Platinum 5 Piece Place Setting

Mikasa also makes available Italian Countryside Platinum which is porcelain dinnerware with platinum bands that on the rim of the dinnerware. The dark lines that surround the inner border with a beautiful scrolled pattern on the outer border are very graceful. The platinum pattern is not microwave safe dinnerware and should be washed by hand with a mild detergent. Dishwasher use will eventually destroy the pattern.