Limoges Dinnerware

Limoges Dinnerware

Limoges dinnerware is a find for Limoges porcelain collectors. Rather than a manufacturer or a brand name, the term "Limoges" refers to porcelain china that was made in the city of Limoges, France using kaolin clay.

These antique dinnerware porcelain pieces were commonly produced in 18th and 19th centuries. The productions included "blanks" that are generally white ware that can be hand-painted or decorated by hobbyists or artists.

Limoges porcelain was brought to the United States by a New York businessman, David Haviland and producing it became a tradition passed down through the Haviland family. Haviland Limoges porcelain, produced by Haviland & Co., is a favorite amongst collectors.

Today, there are some reproductions of this antique china dinnerware. So, if you are into collecting antiques, it is probably best for you get educated on the original manufacturers and the factory marks that were used. Collector's Guides are a starting point for learning about Limoges dinnerware and other porcelain pieces.

Collector's Guides

Living With Limoges (Schiffer Book for Designers & Collectors)

Collectors Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain, 3rd Edition

American Limoges: Identification and Value Guide

Antique Trader Limoges Price Guide (Antique Trader's Limoges Price Guide)

Limoges boxes are more popular that Limonges dinnerware, but both hold their own with collectors. What I like about them is the originality of each piece. The talent and inspiration of each artist comes alive in the pieces that they create.

The patterns are versatile, from flowers and birds to animals and vehicles. You are sure to find some that meet your taste and decorating fancies.

Whether the Limoges pieces are created by a renowned manufacturer or produced by a hobbyist, they are much in demand and make an awesome collection.