Lighthouse Dinnerware

Lighthouse Dinnerware

Lighthouse dinnerware creates a nautical appearance as lighthouses were designed to aid in the navigation of boats and ships. The dependency on lighthouses is becoming obsolete as modern technology provides other forms of navigation systems, but all in all lighthouses are an amazing feature of the shorelines.

Dinnerware decked with lighthouses used to be high in demand, but now it is difficult to find complete sets. There are a few, but most of the popular designs have been retired. The best place to look for lighthouse sets in on internet auctions, replacement companies, and antique stores. Thomson had a couple of gorgeous sets, but I do believe the patterns have been retired.

Another option is to buy nautical dinnerware, beach dinnerware, seashell dinnerware, or solid colored dinnerware and accompany it with lighthouse accessories or individual dishes. It will shorten your search anyway.

Lighthouse décor is still plentiful. Here are some places you might want to check out…

Lighthouse Dishes

If you like melamine, you might enjoy the Carolina Lighthouses Cocktail Plates. The pattern is beautiful and it could be coordinated with other dinnerware.

These lighthouse and rocky coast mugs are nice. The picture is like a realistic photo. I really like them.

Individual Plates

I have found plenty of individual lighthouse plates that are just adorable. They would make a great collection for display in the kitchen or dining room.

Maybe, someday, the lighthouse dinnerware trend will come back and there will be sets galore again. It is an amazing feature for decorating a kitchen or dining room, especially if you live on or enjoy the coast.