Ittala (actually spelled Iitala), is a company that started in Finland as a glass factory. They have offered timeless design to the world since 1881. Their products include uniquely designed products and Scandinavian brands in the categories of tableware, cookware and home interior d├ęcor.

The works of many designers make up their product line. From what I gather, their products are made available piece by piece, rather than by dinnerware sets, so you can actually build your own collection by choosing which pieces you really like.

Their vision is to create timeless products that are forever relevant. Their products are beautiful and very unique, which makes them collectible items.

Where to Find Ittala Items:

If you travel the world, you can visit a Iittala store. They currently have retail stores in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Japan.

I don't see myself going to any of those locations, so I'm stuck to online sources. If you are in the same boat, you can find their products online at the following places:


The glassware designs are pretty amazing. They are different from any that I have ever seen. Personally, I like the clear glass dinnerware, but there are also colored glass dinnerware items that are very attractive.

Their tableware line includes cutlery, glasses, dinnerware and serveware, textiles and napkins, and wine and bar glassware.


I really like the originally of their glassware and the candleholders and lanterns in the home interior line are just amazing. They would make lovely centerpieces for a formally set table. Their vases are also very nice.

I am particularly impressed with the Fireplace and Kaasa series designed by Iikka Suppanen. It's like fire inside or behind glass. There is nothing like bringing open fire to your dining room. I would really like to get one of these.


Iittala also produces art products, like the Birds by Toikka series, which is the best known work of Oiva Toikka. I see this to be collectible artwork in Finnish glass.

Overall, the products produced and distributed by Iittala are simply wonderful. The designs are original and very unique. I have not seen any dinnerware or glassware that is comparable. I see the items as timeless products that are intended to be collected and become heirlooms from generation to generation.