French Dinnerware

When it comes to French dinnerware, the name Leonard Bernardaud comes to mind. In the 1900's, this man acquired a French company that manufactured Limoges Porcelain, French porcelain dinnerware. His efforts increased the amount of dinnerware that was produced and created new markets. The products were sought after in the United States. Bernardaud's company was eventually succeeded by the ownership of his sons and passed on to future generations.

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Bernardaud Dinnerware Patterns

Bernardaud Dinnerware patterns consist of several patterns of whiteware along with fine china dinnerware made of porcelain that are quite elegant. These dinnerware selections are perfect for serving your favorite French dish.

Bernardaud Louvre White dinnerware set is a favorite. It is simple, but stunning. It is ideal for French country dinnerware for a French Country Kitchen.

Bernardaud produces several traditional patterns with metallic trim which is common in fine china. Bernardaud Athena Gold and Bernardaud Athena Platinum are beautiful patterns that go with just about any kind of décor.

To add more color to the table, you might enjoy the Bernardaud Frivole pattern. Hervé Van der Straeten designed this pattern and it is quite original.

The Bernardaud Chateaubriand Blue pattern is amazing. It floral embellishments are colorful, but subtle. I usually am not too crazy about floral patterns, but I find this to be beautiful.

For a formal occasion, the Bernardaud Constance dinnerware pattern will make a quite a statement.

I'm into heart shaped dishes, so I can't help but mention the particular piece that is one of my favorites, the Bernardaud Louvre Heart Dish. Isn't it attractive?

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Favorite Dinnerware Patterns and Pattern Identification

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