Food Warming Trays: Entertaining with Ease

Food Warming Trays

Food warming trays are essential for dinner parties and holiday dinners and they are ideal for everyday use. They are an excellent investment in dinnerware serveware collections.

These warming trays are unique serveware that look extremely expensive, but surprising to many, they are very affordable. Some make a serving table look elegant while taking the headache out of keeping food warm.

If you have ever cooked a large meal for a crowd, you can totally relate to what I'm saying.

Food Warming Trays

For instance, when we are preparing Thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house, we are constantly standing in line to use the oven. Several of us prepare dishes for the dinner, and more likely than not, they are supposed to be served warm.

We shuffle dishes in and out of the oven and usually, those bubbly casseroles get cold before the hot rolls are done. We almost gave up on keeping the turkey and ham warm.

Food warming trays are the solution to the challenge of serving the entire meal warm.

Food Warming Trays

A professional buffet server with a warming tray takes the effort out of keeping dishes warm. There are several brands and styles available including chafing dishes with electric warmers, tea light warmers or ethanol fuel warmers to meet your serving needs. There are even rechargeable electric trays for serving if the cords get in the way.

if you like multi-task cookware, you might like an electric roaster with a buffet server. You can use it for cooking meat and warming vegetables, casseroles and rolls.

Food Warming Trays

I really like the Waring Pro Professional Buffet Server and Warming Tray. It comes with three 2 ½ quart chafing dishes which are removable if you just want to use the warming tray to sit ceramic casserole dishes on. It is brushed stainless steel and it has polycarbonate lids for the chafing dishes so the food will stay warm, but it is visible, making the dishes appealing to your guests.

I always thought that warming dishes were incredibly expensive. I have learned they are not.

In fact, they are very reasonable. They are great for serving holiday meals, for dinner parties, for potlucks, or for everyday use to keep your dishes warm and enjoyable for your family.