Fiestaware Dishes

Fiestaware Dishes

Fiestaware dishes are bright and colorful dinnerware pieces that are ideal for mixing and matching or creating table settings of contrasting colors. The dishes are made in the USA, and they very are popular among dinnerware collectors.

In most cases, the term Fiestaware is an informal way of referring to the Fiesta dinnerware line produced and marketed by the Homer Laughlin dinnerware manufacturer, Homer Laughlin China Company.

Occasionally, the term is used to refer to the art deco style of using contrasting colors of solid colored dinnerware for the mix and matching effect. Some dinnerware manufacturers tried to create similar dishes which are sometimes referred to as Fiestaware, so if you are collecting these dishes, it is wise to learn about the "real" Fiesta dinnerware line so your collection isn't tarnished by imitations of the real deal.

Shopping Tips for Fiesta Dishes

Fiestaware Dishes

When shopping for Fiesta, you basically have two choices, which will be defined by your preference. What kind of dinnerware are you looking for? Contemporary Dinnerware from the Fiesta Line or Vintage Fiesta Dinnerware?

You can also mix and match these types combining vintage dishes with modern dinnerware for a full collection of Fiestaware dishes.

Modern dinnerware (i.e. the dinnerware that is currently in production) is available in retail outlets such as department stores and through online sources. Vintage dinnerware can be found in antique stores, through estate sales or garage sales, through online auctions, or through replacement companies.

Fiestaware Dishes

Here are some places that I know carry Fiesta dinnerware:

What is really nice about Fiesta, is that you can truly buy just what you need because the dinnerware is made available in place settings or open stock which is wonderful in you intend to mix and match for an art deco theme.

Dinnerware Made in USA

Fiestaware Dishes

Fiesta dinnerware is a product that Americans can be proud of, because it is made in the USA. The Homer Laughlin China Company was originally founded as Laughlin Pottery in East Liverpool, Ohio. After rapid growth, a factory was established in Newell, West Virginia and the Ohio location was closed.

If you are ever in West Virginia, it will be good to visit the headquarters where a visitor center, museum and factory outlet are located. I would love to go there.