Everyday Dinnerware Care Tips

Your everyday dinnerware may consist of melamine dinnerware sets, ceramic dinnerware, stoneware, earthenware, glass dinnerware, or even bone china dinnerware.

At any rate, it is good to know how to take care of your dinnerware to make it a long-term investment.

Melamine Dinnerware

This type of dinnerware is great for outdoor dinnerware and for a family that is hard on dishes. It is sometimes called unbreakable dinnerware because of its resilience. The disadvantages of it are that it is not microwave safe, which might present a problem in using it as everyday dinnerware. It also scratches easily. In most cases, it is dishwasher proof; however, you do want to keep it away from extreme, like the drying element that is found in a dishwasher and, of course, you want to keep it away from extreme heat, so it is not oven proof.

Stoneware, Earthenware and Ceramic Dinnerware

Ceramic dinnerware is ideal for everyday use. The disadvantages of it are that it chips easily, depending on the brand and makeup, so you do have to be somewhat careful with it. Also, you want to make sure that the dinnerware is food safe. Some ceramic dishes are made to be decorative items and the paint used on them is not food safe. Most ceramic sets intended for dinnerware are dishwasher and microwave safe and some can be used in the oven. Some brands scratch easily with silverware, but the scratches can sometimes be solved with stoneware cleaner.

Glass Dinnerware

Corelle dinnerware is perfect for everyday dinnerware. It is glass dinnerware; however, the way the glass is bonded makes it incredibly durable. It is both microwave safe and dishwasher safe and it is chip resistant. It comes in a variety patterns and the patterns are fade resistant. Now, if you drop it quite a distance and it lands perfectly on hard tile, it will break, I've seen it; however, it is definitely the longest lasting dinnerware I've ever seen. A Corelle Livingware 16 piece dinnerware set is perfect for everyday use for a family of four.

Fine China

Believe it or not, some people use bone china dinnerware for everyday use. I've done that too! It is wonderful use this delicate dinnerware for a late morning brunch. When it comes to fine china, some say they are dishwasher and microwave safe; however, I strongly recommend not using it in the microwave or dishwasher. Many china sets have metallic rims which is a no-no in the microwave. Extreme heat also can damage it and make it craze. Some chips easily so stacking it isn't the best idea. This type of dinnerware is best taken care of by hand washing it with mild soap and storing the dried dishes in a china cabinet to allows it to be displayed without being stacked.