Embossed Dinnerware

Embossed dinnerware can be dinnerware with a raised design that is molded into the pattern, or it can be dinnerware with carvings created in the material. This style of dinnerware is usually pretty fancy and white dinnerware can often be found with embossed patterns. From time to time, you might see embossed rustic dinnerware patterns.

Probably the most famous dinnerware of this type, is the Franciscan Desert Rose dinnerware pattern. Many Franciscan dinnerware patterns are embossed and they are truly lovely.

Five-star restaurants often use embossed restaurant dinnerware. It is popular in whiteware which is a preference of many chefs. The dinnerware has a design, but it doesn't interfere with the aesthetics of the food that is being displayed on the dinnerware. For instance, the Tuxton China Meridian American pattern is a great choice for restaurant dinnerware and it comes with a dozen plates in a case.

One pattern with a raised design that I really like is the pattern Plymouth, by Pfaltzgraff. It is autumn dinnerware that is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner with its embossed pumpkins, acorns and ears of corn. Simply gorgeous.

There are many choices of dinnerware that is embossed. Sometimes the raised pattern in just on the rim, and other times the pattern goes across the dinnerware pieces. Teapots, platters and serving pieces often have embossed features.

The dinnerware may be made of ceramics, earthenware, stoneware, or even melamine, but many of the embossed patterns are made of porcelain or bone china. I didn't realize that the selection of dinnerware with embossed features was as prevalent as it is. I found tons of dinnerware sets, fine china and casual, with these features.