Dart Container Corporation

Dart Container Corporation is the world's largest producer of disposable dinnerware. Their registered trademark is We Make Your World More Convenient®, which is totally appropriate being that they produce about as many disposable dishes as all of their competition combined.

As a prior manager in the food service industry, I have ordered a lot of Dart products. We used a lot of foam cups with lids and various types of containers as restaurant dinnerware for take-out food and fundraisers.

This company, established in 1937, recently purchased the Solo® Cup Company which adds to their already awesome line of convenient dishes that are in demand in the food service and hospitality industries.

Now you would think that Dart Container Corporation products would be distributed exclusively to food service establishments; however, they are available by the case for everyone to buy.

If you spend a lot of money on paper products, for packed lunches or to avoid doing dishes, it will be well worth your while to check out the products that are available for consumer use. It might save you tons of money.

Disposable Dinnerware by Dart

Dart produces several different types of containers. It seems like foam cups are their specialty; however, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

12 oz. Foam Cups

Their cups and containers have lids available if you need them. Wise tip - be sure you get the right lids for the container of interest. When I was running a seniors' meal delivery service, occasionally there were purchasing errors where we got the wrong lids and didn't know it until we attempted to use them. It is best to ask the distributor which lids are needed for the containers that you order.

Another great item to have around is portion cups with lids. They are perfect for serving salsa, salad dressing and various condiments. Again, be sure to get the right lids.

Dartt Conex Complements - Plastic Clear Portion Container

For food items and salads, foam containers or plastic containers with lids are pretty awesome. These items were often used for take-out when I worked in a restaurant and in the senior centers we used them for fundraisers.

Dart Container Carryout Food Container

Clear Plastic Food Container

The company personalizes certain products which is ideal for restaurants and convenience stores. This is something to check into if you actually own a restaurant or store, or if you often engage in food fundraisers.