Correll Dinnerware i.e. Corelle Dinnerware: Use and Care

Is correll dinnerware easy to take care of?

Corelle Dinnerware is among the favorites of dinnerware sets for everyday use because it is so versatile, durable and easy to take care of.

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Most pieces of Corelle sets are microwave safe dinnerware, dishwasher safe, and the plates are oven proof in a preheated oven up to 350 degrees (F). The product comes with instructions for use and care and the bottoms of the currently produced patterns are usually marked in regard to intended use. As long as it used in accordance with its intended use, and not dropped or banged, the dinnerware will last for years. Honestly, they are very hard to break.

The plates and bowls are made of Vitrelle® glass which is very strong for glass dinnerware. It doesn't chip or break easily; however, it cannot stand direct heat from the stovetop, browning elements in toaster ovens or microwaves, or from broilers or open flames.

Drastic temperature changes can also destroy the dinnerware. For instance, you wouldn't want to place a hot plate in water or a refrigerated plate in a hot oven because it might cause it to shatter.

The mugs or cups are usually made out of porcelain or stoneware, depending on the pattern that you choose. They do well in the microwave as long as they aren't heated when empty.

The dinnerware can be washed in the dishwasher, or washed by hand. As with all dishes, you should avoid using abrasive cleansers or abrasive scouring pads in order to protect the glaze. The pieces made of porcelain or stoneware should not be soaked for very long because that can cause some damage to the glaze once the dish is heated.

When comparing these dishes to other types of dinnerware, I would have to say that Corelle dinnerware is beyond easy to take care of. It is very versatile and it is the most durable that I have ever seen.