Corelle Tableware

Corelle Tableware

Corelle tableware is a wonderful choice for everyday dinnerware. It is rather classy, very durable and matching tumblers and juice glasses are available for popular Corelle dinnerware patterns to make a perfectly coordinated kitchen.

The Corelle Coordinates line consists of several patterns that coordinate with Corelle dinnerware sets. Take a look at the Corelle Coordinates Acrylic Glasses and see if there are some for your chosen Corelle dishes.

Corelle dishes are made for durability and they are perfect for an active family.

Corelle dinnerware is made of glass, but it is bonded layers that are very tough. I consider it to be unbreakable dinnerware because it really can take some knocks without breaking or chipping.

The patterns are fade resistant and the dinnerware is scratch resistant and chip resistant. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, so it is ideal for everyday dinnerware.

The glasses come in different sizes and it is made of acrylic, a perfect choice for a family with young kids.

I always see dinnerware sets from Corelle at stores, but I have never seen the coordinating products. I didn't know they existed until I started shopping online.

I have always been amazed by the quality and craftsmanship of Corelle dishes but I never bought any because I didn't know that they had coordinating dishes to match the dinnerware. It makes the patterns more desirable to me because I like coordinated kitchen d├ęcor.

From time to time I see discount Corelle dinnerware, which is a perfect time to buy; however, the price of a dinnerware set is beyond reasonable, even without the discounts. Being that there matching glasses to boot makes a set look so much more appealing.

These dishes are easy to care for and are long-lasting. They are very popular, so if you choose a pattern and it gets retired, you can often find replacement dinnerware on online auctions or through replacement companies. Overall, it is an excellent choice.