Corelle Square Dinnerware

Corelle Square Dinnerware - Square Dinnerware Sets

Corelle Square Dinnerware is a perfect choice if you are looking for square dinnerware setsthat are extremely durable.

Square dinnerware is fairly modern and very stylish. It will make a great addition to your kitchen and looks lovely in a table setting.

Corelle dinnerware patterns are fade resistant and the dinnerware itself is resistant to chips, scratches and breaks. It is made of layer of glass that is bonded in a way that makes it extremely resilient, so it is long-lasting dinnerware, even if your family is rough on dishes.

Corelle dinnerware is perfect for everyday use. It is microwave safe dinnerware, which is something to think about these days when shopping for dinnerware sets. It is also dishwasher safe and cleans up easily.

Corelle Square Dinnerware Patterns

The selection of square dinnerware from Corelle is quite astounding. You will have no problem finding a pattern that fits perfectly into your kitchen or dining room d├ęcor. There are many choices, so I can't possibly show all of them, but here are some examples of the square patterns are that are available.

Pure White

Fine Lines


Sand and Sky

Boutique Cherish Embossed

Simple Sketch

Kyoto Leaves

Favourite Fleur

Pretty Pink


Shadow Iris


Urban Arc

Melange Lavender

Shadow Dance

Paper Shadows

Hanami Garden

Ocean Arc


Blushing Rose

Twilight Grove

Happy Days

Cherry Blossom

Daisy Days

These are just a few of the patterns available in Corelle Square Dinnerware. They are continuously introducing new patterns, so it is a good idea to search for new Corelle patterns if you don't find one that you like here.

Corelle dinnerware is an excellent choice for everyday dinnerware. It is so strong and resilient that it will endure the mishaps that happen from day to day in every family. It is really hard to break with general use and the patterns are wonderful and trendy.