Corelle Livingware 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

Corelle Livingware 16 Piece Dinnerware Set - Moonglow - Purple Dinnerware

A Corelle Livingware 16 piece dinnerware set is ideal for a family of four. It serves well as everyday dinnerware. Corelle dinnerware is extremely durable. It glass dinnerware that is thermally bonded for strength. It is break and chip resistant, has fade-resistant patterns, and it doesn't show scratches.

The Livingware Collection contains many dinnerware patterns and I'm sure you can find a Corelle dinnerware set that you like that will fit into your d├ęcor perfectly. The range from solid white Corelle dinnerware sets to patterns with stripes, flowers, hearts, leaves, and beads, to solid and two tone patterns. The selection is enormous to fit just about any color theme.

Corelle Dinnerware Sets from Livingware Collection

Take a look at these awesome patterns. I'm sure you'll find one that you absolutely love.

Secret Garden

Day Dream


Tree Bird

Blue Hearts


Global Stripes

City Gardens

Folk Stitch

Garden Getaway

Garden Sketch Bands

Classic Cafe Black


Beads, Black

Classic Cafe Red Design

City Block

Beads, Blue


Country Cottage

Winter Frost

If you are looking for holiday dinnerware, you will love the Corelle Livingware 16 piece dinnerware set in the Holiday Stitch pattern. It is a lovely set that coordinates well with the Winter Frost pattern if you don't want to overboard on the Christmas colors.

Holiday Stitch Dinnerware Set

Most of the Corelle 6 piece dinnerware sets contain four of each of the following pieces: a dinner plate, a bread and butter plate, a soup/cereal bowl, and a stoneware mug. These dishes are microwave and dishwasher safe, which is just a bonus. Some of the Livingware sets only contain three dish types, so be sure to verify that you are getting the pieces that you will most use when purchasing a set.

If you like different color themes, busier patterns or different shapes, you might want to check out the rest of the collections of Corelle dinnerware sets. There are many choices when it comes to a Corelle dinnerware set, including square dinnerware sets. They are all of high-quality and are extremely durable.