How do you find replacements for pieces of Corell dinnerware?

Corell dinnerware (i.e. Corelle dinnerware ) is a best seller when it comes to everyday dinnerware. It is tough because of the way it is manufactured, but occasionally a piece may get broken and the need for Corelle dinnerware replacements will come into play.

If the pattern that needs replacement is still in production, you can likely find individual pieces for sale at a department store that carries the Corelle dinnerware set.

Because the brand is so popular, garage sales and online auctions are a great place to shop. You probably won't find individual pieces there; because the pieces don't break very often, but it will be well worth it to you to buy a used set to use as replacements as you need them if you intend to keep the set long-term.

Discontinued Corelle dinnerware can also be found in online auctions as well as through replacement companies. Replacement companies do sell them by the piece.

When shopping online for dinnerware or replacements, it is good to know the pattern name. If you browse enough, you will likely find a piece with the name of the pattern; however, that is something that I really like about Corelle.

On their website, they have a Discontinued Showroom. There you can find pictures of all of the discontinued Corelle dinnerware patterns along with the name of the pattern. It would be nice if every dinnerware manufacturer provided this type of showroom, but most don't.

One thing that you should know is that Corelle dinnerware is guaranteed for three years after the purchase against cracks, breaks or chips. If your dinnerware was damaged during normal household use and you have used it in line with the safety, use and care instructions provided by Corelle, it is worth checking to see if you can get a free replacement. The number to call for warranty information and replacements is 800-999-3436.