Colored Glass Dinnerware

Fireking Colored glass dinnerware ranges from antique dinnerware to contemporary dinnerware, with a lot of vintage dinnerware in between. They make lovely accessories to any type of décor and can create awesome table settings. These colorful dinnerware selections from time to time become collectibles.

Collectible Glassware

If you are interested in collecting colored or clear glass dinnerware, it is always useful to have a guide to consult for identification and value. Here are a couple of guides that can be helpful for the collector…

Some of the most popular types of collectable glassware include:

Manufacturers and/or brands of collectible glassware include:

Colored glass dinnerware favorites amongst collectors include:

All of these get a lot of attention when it comes to antique glass dinnerware or vintage glass.

Contemporary Dinnerware

Colorful Glass Dinnerware by Viva Terra

Viva Terra is an upcoming leading producer of colorful dinnerware made of recycled glass or sea glass. Their dedication to using sustainable resources in producing beautiful new products is inspiring. If you are looking for practical dinnerware sets made of colored glass, this company is well worth looking into. The choices of colors and shapes are amazing and the designs and coordinating accessories are quite unique.

Whether you are into antique glass dinnerware, vintage dinnerware, or contemporary dinnerware made of glass, I'm sure you will find these suggestions to be helpful. Personally, I love glassware as much as I love dinnerware and I have several pieces. I haven't dedicated to collecting one type. My house is adorned with crystal, milk glass, and Depression glass. Most of it doesn't 'match' but it is all beautiful. Some of it I use and some serve as simple decorative accessories.