Chili Pepper Dinnerware

Chili pepper dinnerware is a favorite of southwestern dinnerware lovers. Here in New Mexico, chilies are very popular, both for cooking and décor. Chili pepper ristras often deck the walls of Southwest homes and the scent of roasting chilies says authentic New Mexican food is being prepared or a fiesta is about to begin.

This Caleca Chili Peppers Dinnerware Set is very stylish. It is actually Italian dinnerware, but it fits the bill for southwestern décor.

If red and green are your colors, you will like this set of Chili Pepper dishes. I envision this set being used as holiday dinnerware around Christmas time. Our family often has a Mexican feast on Christmas Eve and these dishes would be perfect.

The chili pepper designs in the Mara Stoneware Collection feature an artistic notion of the chili. These pieces are hand-etched and hand-painted. This is a very attractive pattern.

The Sonoma life + style Caliente dinnerware collection is nice. The chili pepper designs are bold and beautiful. I like the chip and dip tray the best.

My Choices of Chili Pepper Accessories for Kitchen Decor

Chili peppers are ideal for creating a kitchen decorated solely in chili decor because there is a variety of decor items featuring peppers. Peppers can also used as a accessory to complement Southwestern decor.

If I were going to decorate my kitchen in chilies, here is what I would use...

My windows would be decked with Chili Pepper Valances to coordinate the red and green colors of chilies.

I would place of couple of these Decorative Kitchen Mats in the kitchen, in front of the sink and the refridgerator.

This Chili Peppers Glass Cutting Board would be placed on the counter, next to the stove. It's always handy to have a cutting board readily available, and if it matches the kitchen decor, it makes sense to leave it out on the counter.

I found all types of kitchen canister sets with chili peppers, but some of them are cheesy to me. I would go with the Certified International Caliente Canister Set. It is colorful, but coordinating.

These Clay Art Chili Salt and Pepper Shakers are kind of cute and they would look pretty good on the table.

I wouldn't go with a chili pepper dinnerware set because it would make things to busy. I would more likely choose a solid colored dinnerware set to match the accessories. I would probably choose a Fiesta Dinnerware Set in ivory, scarlet, shamrock, or sunflower. The vintage dinnerware Fiesta colors are also a choice.

Chili Pepper Tiles

Chili Pepper ceramic tiles are nice to have to sit hot dishes on and the tile muruals make great decor for a Southwest kitchen. La Fuente Imports, a distributor of authetic Mexican dinnerware, has several different patterns of tiles are that are sure to fit into your decor.

Decorating with chili peppers and chili pepper dinnerware can be tons of fun. It is very cheerful with the bright colors and decorating accessories are so easy to find.