Blue Willow Tea Sets

Blue Willow Tea Sets - Blue Willow China

Blue Willow tea sets are beautiful, collectible items that are sure to become heirlooms. They are a wonderful addition to a set of Blue Willow china, but they are also great alone or in a collection of teapots.

Tea sets can be used as home décor. They look great in a kitchen or dining room, of course, but they also make a home look inviting when used in a living area or a bedroom as part of the home décor.

For over 200 years, the Blue Willow dinnerware pattern has been produced. Many dinnerware manufacturers, worldwide, have chosen to produce this pattern because of its popularity. In has been produced in many countries with each manufacturer having its own personalized version of the loved pattern.

Blue Willow Tea Sets - Blue Willow China

Blue Willow tea sets are available in many designs from modern to antique. Vintage tea sets are easily found and there is really a great variety to choose from.

When browsing for tea sets, I found some rare items. I particularly liked the stacking tea set in the Blue Willow design. There are also tea caddies and jars, tea cozies, and tea warmers that would perfectly accompany a Blue Willow teapot with teacups and saucers.

I also found cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, and wallpaper borders that feature the Blue Willow teapot; quite perfect for a tea room. I even found children's tea sets in this pattern.

Blue Willow Tea Sets - Blue Willow China

Once upon a time, I had a teapot collection. I didn't feature on one pattern, but when it comes to the Blue Willow design, it is possible.

There are so many different styles of tea sets in the historical Blue Willow pattern. I find collecting it inspiring.

I have a dinnerware set in Blue Willow and I'm seriously thinking about decorating a whole room, or the entire house in the Blue Willow pattern. It is a very relaxing pattern based on a love story in the colors of cobalt blue and white. In my opinion it makes beautiful home décor.

If you are interested in collecting, learn more about the Blue Willow china pattern.