Value of Blue Willow Dishes

Blue Willow Dishes

The value of Blue Willow dishes varies, based on the piece, the manufacturer, the date of production, and so forth. This pattern has been in production since 1780 and it still in production by several dinnerware manufacturers.

The famous Blue Willow design was inspired by Chinese blue and white porcelain, which was commonly hand-painted; however, it was introduced by English porcelain dinnerware manufacturers as transferware.

It is believed that the pattern was actually the creation of Thomas Turner, was engraved by Thomas Minton, and was originally introduced in 1780. In 1784, the popularity of the pattern came to life through the efforts of Josiah Spode.

Once it was a well-liked design, several dinnerware manufacturers picked up producing it with differences. Today, the pattern is distributed by several manufacturers as well.

Blue Willow Dishes - Identification and Value Guide

Obviously, the antique versions of Blue Willow china, including the original version, will be of more value that currently produced products or even vintage Blue Willow dinnerware.

Because of the popularity of the design, there were many copycats who made imitations of the pattern.

If you just like Blue Willow dishes, currently produced Blue Willow dinnerware sets might suffice your desire to use or display the pattern. However, if you are interested in collecting Blue Willow china for the value, it is best to consult a collector's identification and value guide .

The guide will also be helpful if you have a Blue Willow collection and are looking to liquidate it.

Blue Willow Dishes - Blue Willow Teapot

All Blue Willow designs are not created equal, or valuated the same. Some dinnerware and porcelain pieces are not worth a lot, while another piece might be the needle in a haystack that is really valuable. If you are looking at collecting, or liquidating a collection, it is best to know what you are getting or what you have. Otherwise, buying and selling may become a fruitless effort.

When collecting dinnerware, sometimes it is best to go for individual items, like Blue Willow plates, vases, or other collectible with the Blue Willow design. In antique or vintage efforts, it may be difficult to find a full Blue Willow dinnerware set, but even the individual pieces can be valuable.

A common phrase, when it comes to collecting dinnerware, is "the value of the collection is based on what the buyer is willing to pay". That goes along with any collection, but it is nice to know that they are active collectors of the Blue Willow pattern. A piece that you have might be sought after which is related to increased value.

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