The History of Blue Willow Dinnerware

Blue Willow Dinnerware

Blue Willow Dinnerware has been prevalent since its creation in the 1700s. The origin of the pattern is actually of question with credit given to at least three creators - Thomas Minton, Thomas Turner and Josiah Spode.

There are many legends concerning blue willow with claims that it originated in China, but most believe that it is of English origin although most designs have an oriental look to them. At any rate, it has been around for a long time and has become a favorite of collectors.

Willow designs are not always blue, although blue willow is most widely acclaimed. This transferware method of producing dinnerware is commonly featured using blue, pink, red, green or brown colors transferred over a white background. Several manufacturers have produced and still produce blue willow designs.

Are You a Blue Willow Collector?

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Collecting Blue Willow China

Blue Willow porcelain is produced by many dinnerware manufacturers who create their own version of this popular pattern. If collecting blue willow, it is best to learn more about the pattern.

It's good to know what version of blue willow that you desire. The manufacturer and the year of production play a role in choosing patterns that match; however, many collectors combine different patterns. Some collectors concentrate on a particular piece, like a ginger jar or blue willow tea sets and collect all versions of the blue willow pattern, while others concentrate on completing dinnerware sets or collecting blue dinnerware from a certain era or country.

Blue Willow Identification And Value Guide

If you are interested in collecting antique or vintage blue willow, using blue willow price guides or collectors' guides is highly recommended.

Blue Willow Dinnerware Manufacturers

Blue willow patterns are produced by many renowned manufacturers. Among them Churchill , Homer Laughlin, Johnson Brothers, Royal Doulton, Spode , and Wedgwood are at the top of the ladder for popularity. Other producers of blue willow dinnerware include Adams, Addterly, Alfred Meakin, Allerton, Barratt, Booths, Buslem, Coalport, Cuthbertson, Maddox and Sons, McCoy, Myott, Norcrest, Ridgeway, Royal China, Royal Wessex, Staffordshire, and Wood and Sons. I am quite certain that there are more, but this is good start to finding the dinnerware that you desire.