Blue Willow Dinnerware Sets

Blue Willow Dinnerware Sets

Blue Willow dinnerware sets are made by several dinnerware manufacturers. Basically, they all have the same or similar pattern, but it differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most of the differences are in the borders, and the shapes of pieces vary from company to company. The material used in the production also fluctuate

The Blue Willow design has been around since 1780, so there are many variations to choose from when looking for a building a dinnerware set. There are even some Blue Willow dishes with gold trim.

Spode is the company that made the pattern popular. The Spode version is said to have created from inspiration of the original Chinese pattern, the Mandarin. There are a lot of contradictions and legends concerning the history of the Blue Willow. Regardless of its history, the Blue Willow design contributes to beautiful dinnerware and collectibles.

Selecting a Blue Willow Dinnerware Set

There are many options when it comes to Blue Willow dinnerware . First, you need to decide, do you want a currently produced pattern, or do you want to collect vintage or antique dinnerware with the Blue Willow design?

Most of the currently produced Blue Willow dinnerware is made of earthenware; however, there are some dinnerware sets that are made of porcelain.

The easiest way to select a dinnerware set is to seek currently produced dinnerware sets. If you want to go antique or vintage, most likely it will take some time and patience to create a whole dinnerware set.

Currently, dinnerware sets are readily available from Johnson Brothers and Churchill China. Both of these dinnerware sets are made of earthenware.

Blue Willow Dinnerware Sets - Johnson BrothersBlue Willow Dinnerware Sets - Churchill China

There are distinct differences between these two patterns. While the center of the pattern is comparable, the borders differ as well as the shape and design of the cup. The blue of the Churchill pattern seems to be a bit brighter than the Johnson Brothers' cobalt blue pattern.

The Johnson Brothers' pattern was originally produced in England, but currently produced is made in China. The dinnerware company, now part of the Wedgwood Group, is well known for producing high-quality dinnerware. This company originated in 1883.

Churchill China's Blue Willow version is made in England. This company originated in 1795 and is also known for producing high-quality dinnerware.

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Blue Willow dinnerware sets are simply gorgeous, and the pattern itself tells a story which makes it very original.