Baroque Dinnerware

Baroque dinnerware is very stylish and can create a beautiful table. The word 'baroque' is used to describe Italian architecture and it also refers to imperfectly shaped artwork or heavily ornamented styles. It is commonly used to describe Italian style dinnerware.

Vietri dinnerware is an example, because the company is American based, but they concentrate on bringing Italian dinnerware and home décor from Italy to the United States.

Most baroque sets are either odd shaped, or heavily ornamented, which makes setting a table with it a creative experience and most times, it is of a solid color.

Sur La Table makes a beautiful Baroque 16 Piece Dinnerware Set. As you can see, the dinnerware is simple; however, the ornate pattern and the unique shape of the dinnerware pieces set it apart.

Another popular set is the Baroque Classic Dinner Set by Red Vanilla. This company was established by a Mikasa veteran, Brian Blake, who wanted to create high-quality, contemporary products for the lifestyle of entertaining. His vision was realized with an array of dinnerware and home décor products that are really awesome.

A lot of the baroque sets are white or ivory, but some do come in different colors.

Intrada Italy has several baroque sets in various colors. This company focuses on distributing Italian dinnerware, pottery, ceramics, and home décor from the regions of Italy to the rest of the world.

A baroque table setting wouldn't be complete without a set of baroque flatware and servers. This type of flatware is definitely original and adds a beautiful effect to a table setting. It is available in sterling silver, stainless steel or gold-plated flatware for a great selection of choices.