222 Fifth Dinnerware

222 Fifth dinnerware is a brand of dinnerware made by PTS America Inc. Their tableware is known to be of high-quality because they take special care in the design and production processes.

They make porcelain dinnerware, fine china and stoneware that is quite original when compared to other brands of dinnerware.

222 Fifth Favorites

Currently Produced and Retired Patterns…

222 Fifth Antigua

Antigua: A beautiful autumn colored square dinnerware set with flowers and a hummingbird on a beige background.

222 Fifth - Arctic Holiday
Arctic Holiday: A cute dinnerware set of arctic animals and snowmen enjoying the snow on a blue background. It seems that this pattern was also made in red at one time.

222 Fifth Ashford

Ashford: A fine china dinnerware set of aqua blue with a dark border.

222 Fifth Bella Vista Dinnerware Set Bella Vista: A gorgeous floral pattern made up of rusts and blues simulating Jacobean style embroidery.

222 Fifth Belize

Belize : A gorgeous square dinnerware set with a reddish background darned with a beautiful floral pattern.

Biscotti: A stunning paisley adorned pattern that is very rare and hard to find.

Brasilia: An original, multi-colored pattern featured on square plates with a black background.

222 Fifth Cirrus Dinnerware Set

Cirrus: A modern, whimsical dinnerware pattern of blue and taupe colors.

Contorno: A modern looking, retired pattern of grey and green flowers on a white and black background.

222 Fifth Damask - Black and White Dinnerware

Damask: A fun-loving pattern of black and white dinnerware.

East Gate: A black and white square dinnerware set.

222 Fifth Gabrielle

Gabrielle : An interesting floral pattern on neutral tones.

222 Fifth Gisela Dinnerware Set

Gisela: A unique, contrasting dinnerware set with a floral pattern.

222 Fifth Hamdon

Hamdon: Fine china set with gold trim and a crest.

222 Fifth Heirloom Tomatoes Dinnerware

Heirloom Tomatoes: A unique dinnerware pattern adorned with tomatoes.

222 Fifth Ionia Dinnerware Set - Blue and White Dinnerware

Ionia: A classic blue and white floral dinnerware pattern.

Jacobean Teal: A gorgeous blue set of dinnerware with a cream colored face and precious flowers.

222 Fifth Koson Dinnerware Set

Koson: Bright flowers on a red background create a festive look.

Khaki Leaves: A cute safari-looking pattern with leaves in shades of brown.

222 Fifth La Belle Sepia

La Belle Sepia: A beautiful beige and brown set of dinnerware.

222 Fifth La Bellle Shimmer

La Belle Shimmer: A classy pattern of beige and white.

222 Fifth La Belle Spice

La Belle Spice: An original dinnerware pattern of black, burgundy and gold colors.

222 Fifth Lutece Dinnerware Set

Lutece: An attractive dinnerware set with a floral pattern.

222 Fifth Maharana

Maharana: A dinnerware set inspired by India with paisleys in yellow and red.

Mission: Unique dishes made in green, maroon and gold.

222 Fifth New Country Dinnerware

New Country: A country-type, square dinnerware pattern featuring polka dots and gingham style adorned with an array of roses - red, pink, blue, and yellow.

Oliveto: An interesting square dinnerware pattern decorated with olives.

222 Fifth Ravi - Square Dinnerware Set

Ravi : Contemporary dinnerware of red with black trim with square shaped plates.

222 Fifth Resplendent Spring Dinnerware

Resplendent Spring: Square dinnerware with a beautiful aqua/reddish design that is quite unusual.

222 Fifth Rococo

Rococo: Decorative dinnerware with a distinctive pattern of blue and brown or black and white.

222 Fifth Spring Beauty Dinnerware Set - Butterfly Pattern

Spring Beauty
: A precious pattern of butterflies in pink, blue and green spring colors.

222 Fifth Sunset Safari

Sunset Safari: A remarkable dinnerware pattern with various safari animals and leopard-like trim.

222 Fifth Symphony Cobalt

Symphony Cobalt: A simple dinnerware set of white with blue trim.

Valle Red/Orange: A floral pattern of red, orange and cream.

222 Fifth Vivaldi Square Dinnerware Set

Vivaldi: A fun, square dinnerware set with flowers and butterflies.

222 Fifth Zebra

Zebra: Fine china with square plates displaying a zebra pattern in black and white or brown and white.

222 Fifth Dinnerware can be valuable because it is mostly sold through exclusive retailers. That makes it difficult to find certain patterns. Once it is retired, you can usually find pieces through replacement companies.

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